Monday, June 01, 2020

Sell Cars from Your Home Working for the Honest Car Dealer

If you know me and my company, Earl Stewart Toyota of North Palm Beach, you’re aware that my car dealership is unique in its honesty and transparency. You may know that my dealership won the Palm Beach Post award for the Best Car Dealership in Palm Beach County for 2019 and 2020 (the only 2 years the vote was taken). You know that I’m not only a car dealer, but a consumer advocate that advises thousands of people on “how not to get ripped off by car dealers. My wife, Nancy, and my son, Stu, broadcast a weekly live talk radio (WSVU) show, EarlOnCars, advising listeners how to buy, lease, repair and maintain their cars. I write newspaper columns for the Florida Weekly and Hometown News and I write a blog,

Earl Stewart Toyota is the only car dealership that gives its customers, up front, the lowest, out-the-door price on every new and used car we sell. We add NOTHING to the quoted or advertised price…no hidden fees or dealer-installed accessories. Our price on every car is the price you can write us the check for and drive your car home. We encourage our customers to take our best price and compare it with our competition. If you can find a better deal, we want you to take advantage. If you would rather buy from another Toyota dealer because he’s much closer, you can have my best price and ask him to meet it or beat it.

We offer an UNCONDITIONAL, 7-day, moneyback guarantee on every new and used car we sell. A lawyer will tell you that this is a dangerous thing for me to offer, because it means that you can get all your money back for any reason, like you “wrecked the car”, drove it thousands of miles and got tired of it, or just found another dealer that would sell the same car for less money.

For years we’ve offered online, Amazon style click and buy. We also deliver to your home free, anywhere in Florida. We’ll appraise your trade-in and handle your financing without you ever having to talk to a salesman or come into the dealership, and then deliver your purchase and pick up your trade-in.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably very skeptical of my claims. You should be, because there’s not another car dealership anywhere that does what we do. Google “Earl Stewart” and “Earl Stewart Toyota”. Check me out carefully and please talk to anybody that’s done business with me…I have lots of customers because I’ve been selling cars from the same location in North Palm Beach for 47 years. If you investigate me thoroughly, you’ll find many more reasons most used car and new Toyota buyers would choose to buy from me…I give my personal cell phone number to every customer because, if they have a problem, “the buck stops here”. I have 5 red phones in my dealership everywhere our customers are, new car showroom, used car showroom, service cashier, service aisle, and body shop. Pick up the red phone and it automatically rings my personal cell phone, 24/7.

Most importantly, this dealership is guided by a unique code of conduct we have named The Earl Stewart Code - see it here: This is our DNA and it gives our team the ethical foundation from which we conduct business. The Earl Stewart Code has been adopted by several other businesses locally and around the country.

Remember that the purpose of this article is not to sell you a car; although I must admit I wouldn’t refuse. 😊 My purpose is to build a statewide salesforce of folks working out of their homes. Toyota is the most popular new car brand, but sells only 15% of the market; however, almost everyone is a prospect for a used vehicle. The terrible Coronavirus pandemic has changed our World and more and more people are finding out that they like working from their homes. We’re learning that people can be more productive and efficient working from home and save the commute time and expense. If you are one of those, I’d like to talk to you.

I’ll bet you know a lot of people that would consider buying a new Toyota or reliable used car of any make. If you represented Earl Stewart Toyota and could promise them a totally honest, transparent, and hassle-free buying experience, I think you could be very successful. For most people (probably including you), buying a car is an unpleasant experience. For 43 years the Gallup Company has polled Americans who have ranked car salesmen last, or nearly last, in their annual Honesty and Ethics in Professions poll. Click on this link and see for yourself.

How much you earn is directly related to how many people you can talk to, your natural selling talent, and how much time you can put in. You’ll be paid $200 for every car we sell from the prospects you give us. I think you’ll agree that you can offer the prospective customers you speak to a far superior car buying experience than they can find anyplace else.

If you’re interested, go to my website, , scroll down to "Work-from-home Sales Broker" and fill out the application. Remember that we’re not looking for experienced car salespeople…too many bad habits. We’re looking for people who understand why most people hate the car-buying experience and why they would appreciate the suggestion of a pleasurable way to buy a new or used car. When you find those people, put them in contact with us. If they buy from us, we’ll send you a check for $200. Historically, 30% to 40% of prospective customers we meet, buy from us. Using social media and your telephone, I think you can generate a lot of prospective customers. Feel free to call me personally, if you have any questions…my personal cell phone is 561 358-1474. (Have you ever known the owner of a large car dealership that would give his personal cell phone number out?)

UPDATE 10/14/2020: In the age of COVID, work-from-home and remote education is becoming more established parts of all of our lives. Mind Genius addresses the educational aspect of this in this very informativee article. Please check this out:

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