Saturday, March 01, 2008


You can help us make the “DEALER FEE” Illegal in Florida.

If you call our No Dealer Fee Hotline, you can voice your opinion on the Dealer Fee, to the Florida Senate Commerce Committee.

They are conducting a hearing this Tuesday, March 4th, in Tallahassee to hear consumers views on whether this “license to steal” should be made illegal in Florida, as it has in 13 other states.

Click on for more information.

PLEASE DIAL 1-800-909-9879


  1. great idea

    we bought a lexus from that certain big dealer and among the things that left me with sour taste was not being told about the dealer fee at all

  2. Hey Earl,

    If you are so good, why is your survey scores so bad? Why are you last in the district? Why to you have so many surveys and you are in the 70's in customer satisfactioin? Can I guess? I am going to guess it is because your customers are starting to see your company for what it is. LIARS!!!! You can't rip people off for so many years then change over night. A thief is a thief. They don't change. Same goes for you. You just get older. Finally your customers are starting to see the light. 20 surveys at 79%. That is horrible. You should be ashamed of yourself. All the companines around that you put down are killing you in customer satisfaction. What happened to the red phone? Is it broken? Maybe it is because you are full of it. Maybe you are doing this for the free press. Good idea, but a leopard can't change his spots.

  3. I just deleted two comments because of the profane language that was used. If the authors wish to re-post their comments minus the vulgar language, I'll leave their posting alone.

    I am encouraged by the anonymous attacks I am getting. This means our campaign is working. Those threatened to be exposed are getting defensive and downright viscious!

    Right now, I am in Tallahassee waiting for my turn to testify at the Florida State Senate Commerce Committe hearing on the dealer fee. Our opponents are very nervous right now - and they should be. Their comments on this blog clearly indicate this to all readers. They keep making my point for me!

    I left one very bitter anonymous comment posted despite the blatant falsehoods. It contained no foul language, so I let it slide. However the statements about my customer satisfaction survey scores are not true. Through February, my score in service (SPSI) was 95.26 with 49 surveys returned and sales (SSI) is 96.89 with 76 surveys returned. The interesting thing about this is that I am earning the "green light" high customer satisfaction scores without tampering with the survey system like 12 out of 14 south Florida Toyota dealers were caught doing! Makes you wonder how I figured out the secret of doing good business.

    Be sure you pay attention to the media coverage of the dealer fee debate. You may want to reconsider your side on this issue. I think we can both agree which side our customers will be on :)

  4. Earl,

    How's that SPSI score now? Still on the high horse? Can you tell your customers what is going on in your service department.

  5. ggo to and do a search on Doc fees. A documentation fee is nothing more then a extra tool that dealers use to take more of the car buyer's hard earned money. I feel that it a car dealer wants to charge a Doc fee, they should be listed on


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