Monday, January 12, 2009

Application for Auto Czar Position

Open Letter to Barack Obama

Cc: Barney Franks

Dear Mr. President [Written while still President-elect],

I just read that U.S. House Rep. Barney Franks was sponsoring a bill to address the auto crisis which would call for an “Auto Czar” to facilitate the recovery of the American auto industry. I’m applying for this position and explaining why I may be qualified for this important task.

Rather than attempt to call or write you on this subject, I’ve chosen my blog, as the means of communicating this message. This is because I understand that you must be overwhelmed with requests for positions in your administration. Secondly, I believe that the Internet is a powerful tool that you recognize and accept a major one for communications in the 21st century. As you know, it was instrumental in the fund raising for your successful election…something that had never before occurred in a Presidential election.

Below I list a brief summary of my qualifications. Your staff can “Google me” for more information and, of course, I will furnish them with all additional information that they require.

(1) I’m 68 years old and have been an automobile dealer since 1968. I’ve been a dealer for Pontiac, Mazda, Peugeot, Lancia, Fiat, Checker, and Toyota. I’ve also owned and operated rental companies and independent used car lots. I’ve all my dealerships except for my Toyota which I’ve owned and operated since 1975.

(2) About ten years ago I “saw the light” about how customers [and employees] should be treated. I refer to myself as a “recovering car dealer”. This is a plus for my resume because I was actually a part of what is wrong with the present auto manufacturing and selling systems today.

(3) I’m in good health [had a bout with colon cancer in 2005 but am 100% cancer free now] and currently very active in my business which has grown to become one of the largest Toyota dealerships in the USA.

(4) I graduated from the University of Florida in 1963 with a BS, majoring in physics with a minor in mathematics. I earned my Masters of Science degree in Industrial Administration from the Krannert School at Purdue in 1964.

(5) In recent years I’ve assumed the role of a consumer advocate for car-buyers in Florida and nationwide. As you know, the image of the car dealer has not been exemplary [tarnished much as that of politicians and lawyers] and I’ve taken on the mission to “clean up our act”. I host a local weekly radio talk show and write a weekly column for a local newspaper advocating these positions. I also regularly speak at public libraries, civic groups, condominium associations, schools, retirement clubs, etc. on this subject.

(6) I have no “skeletons in my closet” and welcome a thorough vetting of my past.

(7) My only motive is to help our country with our economic crisis. I agree to serve at zero monetary compensation and aspire to no further political office.

(8) I understand and support our nation’s need for energy independence and for our global need to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. My Toyota dealership is the largest retailer of hybrid vehicles in the USA except for California. Last year we ranked #12. I accomplished this by selling my hybrid vehicles at lower prices even when demand exceeded supply and afforded many dealers the opportunity to charge premium prices.

(7) My business is a family one including my three sons who are ready, willing, and able to run my business if you select me as your Auto Czar. As a matter of fact, my three sons voted for you. However I must confess that my wife, Nancy and I voted for John McCain. I only mention this because our family believes in freedom of expression and choice even within the confines of our own family. One of my favorite quotations is that of F. Scott Fitzgerald who said, “The test of a great mind is the ability to hold two opposed ideas at the same time and still retain the ability to function”. I think you agree with this because of the way you are welcoming suggestions from both sides of the aisle, the only qualification being “will it work?”

In summary, I have a unique perspective over those who may be considered for the position of Auto Czar. My primary concern is for our country’s car buyers followed by the car dealers and manufacturers. All three concerns are very important, but it’s the American citizen who relies on his automotive that will drive the future success of the manufacturers and dealers.

Respectfully yours,

Earl Stewart


  1. This will be interesting. Good luck! Hopefully you won't do as Bush did and chuck aside your free-market principles. The free market principles operated perfectly. The failure was in the trust given to our leaders. Again , good luck!

  2. Thanks for your support,Fred13red,

    I agree with you on free market principles and, being a businessman all my life, I think this gives me that capability that a bureaucrat would lack.

  3. If you ever become Car Czar, I am leaving the country. This would be the last straw. I could not take it anymore. Thats what this government needs, another thief and liar.

    Roger Penske will be the Car Czar. He has already been offered and is considering it.

  4. Earl, your resume is very impressive except the statement in the 3rd or 4th paragraph "I’ve all my dealerships except for my Toyota which I’ve owned and operated since 1975." You seem honest and ethical which will eliminate you as a candidate. My advise is to hold up a bank or don't pay your taxes and maybe in my second term we can use you.
    Thanks again for your resume.

  5. Dear employee of Roger Penske's Toyota dealership,

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    You've already made my new job of Auto Czar easier . One of my first actions after I accept this role will be to DEPORT people like you who are responsible for the decline and fall of the USA auto industry.

    You "leaving the country" right after I'm appointed Auto Czar will make it just one less scoundral I have deal with.

    Anonymous said...
    If you ever become Car Czar, I am leaving the country. This would be the last straw. I could not take it anymore. Thats what this government needs, another thief and liar.

    Roger Penske will be the Car Czar. He has already been offered and is considering it.

    January 15, 2009 2:36 PM

  6. Dear Mr. President,

    Excuse me if I don't call you "Barry", but I just don't feel comfortable addressing the next President of the United states in such a familiar manner, but please call Earl.

    Please excuse the "typo" in which the word "sold" was omitted from the sentence, "I’ve all my dealerships except for my Toyota which I’ve owned and operated since 1975." I hope you won't hold my lack of talent as a copy reader against my qualifications for Auto Czar.

    I know you were kidding about me being too honest to hold a postion in your administration. That's the way it used to be in Washington, but your hold "thing" is to bring about massive change.

    Good luck to you and Michelle on Tuesday. I can't imagine how excited and nervous both of you must be.

    My advice to you both is to just be yourselves and focus real hard on what you know you have to do.

    How soon to you expect my application to be approved? I know you have many more important concerns, but the sooner I know the quicker I can begin my preparations for my new role.

    God Bless you and Michelle, and God Bless America.


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