Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Look for Earl Stewart On Cars

Earl Stewart On Cars is two years, eight months, and four days old - it's time for a fresh look! The new logo is based on a photo of me in the SeaView 960 studios in Palm Beach Gardens. Please tell me how you like it (or if you don't). I want to make sure it is easy to read and navigate, so feel free to post your comments.



  1. Mr. Stewart I do enjoy reading your columns and I think you new look is real spiffy. You take a very handsome picture!

  2. Dear Rose,

    Thanks very much for the nice compliments.

    It's especially encourging to us "old guys" to be thought of as looking "spiffy"!

  3. hey nice blog!
    I really like the info you are providing. Please check out my similar blog and tell me what you think or if you have anything to add.

    thanks Kyle

  4. hi i also wanted to let you know that i really like your videos about Toyota and your dealership. Customer satisfaction is extremely important and Toyota is an amazing product. I went to UTI for Toyota training but had to quit due to expenses. I am still determined to become a great Toyota technician and I am going to do all i can to get there. I to believe that Toyota is THE BEST out there.
    thanks again
    Kyle Parrish


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