Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Tool to Help You Get the Out-The-Door Price from a Car Dealer

This same column ran a few months ago before the Coronavirus pandemic struck the world. I’m rerunning it now because car dealers are so desperate to sell cars that they’ve pulled out all the stops with respect to trickery and deception. This is arguably the best way to get an honest, low, bottom-line price on a new or used car.

Below, you’ll find a link to a form that was created based on a discussion with Nancy Stewart, my co-host on our radio show, “Earl Stewart on Cars”. This radio show runs every Saturday morning 8-10. You can stream it at www.StreamEarlOnCars.com. It’s also available at www.Facebook.com/EarlOnCars andwww.YouTube.com/EarlOnCars.

The next time you purchase a vehicle, insist that the price quoted to you by the salesman be certified by the signature of a manager of the dealership; or, if you are responding to advertisement, be sure that the advertised price is so certified.

Most of the skullduggery by car dealers comes from two sources, hidden fees added after the price is advertised or quoted and dealer installed accessories that are pre-installed on the vehicles, but not included in the advertised or quoted prices.

You can even use this form when you shop by phone or online. Fax or scan and email the form to the car salesman and insist that he sign it and fax or email it back.

This form is available for download at EarlOnCars.com or you can just click this link http://earlstewartteam.com/pdf/outthedoorpriceaffidavit.pdf.

You may even be thinking, what if the car salesman refused to sign this document? My answer is simple…LEAVE!

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