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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Car Buyers' Guarantee for an Out-theDoor Price

About the only retail product sold in the 21st century for which the buyer is refused an upfront, out-the-door price is the automobile. Car dealers sell their new and used cars and trucks today like horse traders sold horses in the 18th and 19th centuries... haggling. This is time-consuming, frustrating, and only skilled negotiators end up with a fair price.

Below is a legal document that any car buyer can require the car dealer to sign, which requires an out-the-door price guarantee. The dealer will sell the vehicle of the buyer's choice at the stated price plus government fees only. With this legally guaranteed information, you regain your rights as a buyer to shop and compare this dealer's lowest price with other dealers, just like you can when buying a house, a loaf of bread, or a TV set. This is one big reason that Amazon became the world's largest retailer—Jeff Bezos was the first to offer all prices on virtually all products for the shopper to choose from.


Dealership name agrees to sell this vehicle, VIN number/MSRP, for $Out-the-Door Price, which is defined as the total price, excluding government fees (paid to the federal, state, or local government), to Buyer's Name.

It is agreed that there will be no additional charges to the Name of Buyer, including dealer-installed accessories, dealer fees, junk fees, addendum labels, electronic filing fees, document fees, notary fees, tag agency fees, or anything that constitutes reimbursing the dealer for their costs or enhancing their profit.

The above-stated out-the-door price will remain in effect for [Fill in this blank for the number of days] days, during which the dealer will honor this price.

It is further agreed that violation of this agreement will constitute a violation of the Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act, which guarantees that both parties' legal fees will be paid for by the prevailing party.

Signatures: X For the Dealership's Authorized Signatory

Date: _________

X Customer

Date: _________

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