Monday, August 21, 2023

TrueCar to Aid New Car Purchase - Endorsed by Consumers Report


TrueCar to Aid New Car Purchase

Endorsed by Consumers Report

My last column informed you that it’s time that you can consider buying a new car and paying less than MSRP out-the-door with only government fee added (sales tax and license plate). True Car is a good source to aid you in finding a fair price. New car prices will continue to slowly go down as supply catches us with demand. If you can wait, prices will be better in the following months, but they are much lower today than a year ago. 

I’ve been an advocate of using TrueCar, for many years and was a member of their dealer advisor board about ten years ago. One of the major reasons I have faith in TrueCar is that they are endorsed by Consumers Report, the source of product information that I rank higher than any other. CR is a nonprofit company deriving all of their revenue from contributions and subscriptions. They accept no advertising from any company including auto manufacturers and dealers. 

Once you’ve decided upon the exact year-make-model and MSRP, go to and sign up as a member. Use a fictitious name and phone number and sign up for a free email address on Google MS Outlook, or Yahoo. If you give TrueCar your real information, you’ll be deluged with car salesmen calling, texting, and emailing you. 

When you give TrueCar your zip code, use your real one because they will give you dealer quotes within any mileage radius of your zip code you designate. Be forewarned that the dealers will add junk fees and dealer installed accessories, but they must give you their bottom line, out-the-door, price plus government fees only. This is state sales tax and license plate registration. You will receive as many car dealer quotes as you decide you want to see, based on the radius from your zip code. 

When you’ve chosen the dealer with the lowest price, contact him by email and confirm the price and the availability of the specific vehicle. You will have that vehicle’s VIN in the information from TrueCar. You should be dealing with the TrueCar salesperson designated by TrueCar for that dealership. I recommend that you tell the dealer representative that you will be bringing him a check for payment in full based on the TrueCar stated out-the-door price and expect to drive your new vehicle home.

If you encounter any problems with respect to the price or a specific car being unavailable, call TrueCar immediately and describe the issue. They will force the dealer to honor their contractual agreement with TrueCar or cancel that dealer as a certified TrueCar dealer. 

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