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Monday, January 08, 2024

DEMAND Your Congressperson Makes Known Their Support for CARS

This year, July 30, 2024, CARS, the historic regulation of car dealers will automatically go into effect…unless the U.S. Congress sells out to Big Auto—the National Automobile Dealers Association, the 70,000+ car dealers in the USA, and the auto manufacturers.

Already, at least two bills exist that would block the FTC from enforcing the new CARS rule. One is the “Expensive and Detrimental Overregulation Act” and the second is the “Congressional Review Act.” If your congresspeople sell out to Big Auto and pass either one of those bills, it will kill the FTC regulations which would have protected you and all car buyers from car dealers’ scams and dishonesty.

Our democracy is the greatest government on Earth, but the Achilles' heel of a democracy is voter apathy. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), 70,000 car dealers, and most auto manufacturers control hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying efforts and political contributions that can kill these FTC rules if we are apathetic and remain silent.

Go online and learn the names and contact information of your U.S. Senators and Representatives. INSIST THAT YOUR CONGRESSPERSONS GO ON THE RECORD SUPPORTING (OR NOT) THE FTC REGULATIONS C.A.R.S., COMBATING AUTO RETAIL SCAMS to automatically pass into law on July 30, 2024. Do not stand still for their “ignore tactic.” When you put politicians “between a rock and a hard place,” they have 3 choices: support your request, come out against your request, or pretend like they didn’t hear you. Take away option 3 and insist that they go on the record, for or against, the FTC C.A.R.S. regulations.

If they go on the record supporting C.A.R.S., they’ll lose the financial support of Big Auto, which might cost them being reelected. If they go on record against C.A.R.S., they’ll lose your vote (and the votes of all car buyers), which will cost them being reelected. Take away option 3, which is to ignore you, and let them know that you view their silence as the same thing as being against C.A.R.S.

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