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Monday, February 05, 2024

How to Buy a New Car With the Least Effort and Stress

Below is the suggested format for a written communication to the car dealers who sell the make of the new car you want to buy. You can choose how many new car dealers you contact. I suggest "the more the merrier." The average new vehicle today sells for about $50,000, and the discounts can be substantial. You decide how many prices from how far away you want to contact. The more dealers you ask, the lower the prices will range.

I suggest you use another email address, phone number, or address than yours; otherwise, you risk lots of salespeople harassment. Free email addresses are readily available, probably the best way; post office boxes and burner phones are also available but have a small cost.

Dear sales manager, 

I’m going to buy a new (fill in the year-make-model and MSRP) within the next 30 days. I will either pay cash or finance it through my bank or credit union. Please give me your out-the-door selling price for this new vehicle. My definition of "out-the-door" selling price is the price which adds only government fees, sales tax, and license tag and registration. I’m sending this email/text/letter to several (name of make) dealers in this area. Some may not respond, some will respond without complying precisely with my request, but some will comply completely. I will buy my new vehicle from the dealer that fully complies and has the lowest out-the-door price. If I were in your shoes, I’d rather have a chance to sell me a car than no chance at all. You have no chance if you don’t give me your out-the-door price in a timely fashion. If you respond with questions, suggestions, but do not include an out-the-door price, you’ll never hear from me again. The choice is yours.

Thanks very much for reading this,

“Maybe” your next customer

If you have a trade-in, shop it with CarMax,,, or at the used car lot of the dealer that sells that make new. If the dealer you decided to buy your new car from wants your trade, tell him he can have it if he’ll match the best price you've been offered by CarMax, etc.

This method of buying a new car will not only get you a much lower price but save you enormous time and aggravation. You can get prices from a dozen or more dealers in less time than visiting one dealership. You don’t have to play the car salesman’s game of running back and forth to his manager or endure the constant follow-up phone calls, emails, and texts.

Earl Stewart

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