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Friday, May 17, 2024

Complain Effectively to Your Car Dealer

As many of my readers know, I’m perhaps the only car dealer that speaks regularly with his customers. My personal cell phone number is available to all my customers as well as my employees. In my other role as a consumer advocate, which is why I write this column, I hear often from my customers…compliments and complaints. I’ve found from this regular communication that it’s much easier for me to answer and resolve complaints when they’re brief and concise. The rest of this column was written by Artificial Intelligence, ChapGPT-4:

Both written and voicemail complaints have their own advantages and likelihood of response, depending on the context and the organization receiving them. However, whether these complaints are acted upon can vary widely based on several factors, including the length and clarity of the complaint:

1. **Brevity and Clarity**: Generally, shorter, clearer complaints are more likely to be responded to and acted upon. This is because they are easier for service representatives to quickly understand and address. A concise complaint that directly states the issue, how it has affected the customer, and what resolution is desired, is more effective. This principle applies to both written and voicemail formats.

2. **Written Complaints**: Written complaints, especially those that are well-organized and concise, often provide a permanent record that can be referred to, which can be advantageous for both the customer and the service provider. They allow the recipient to process the information at their own pace and to forward the complaint to the correct department or personnel.

3. **Voicemail Complaints**: While voicemail allows for the conveyance of tone and urgency, it may be less effective if the message is long and rambling. Important details can be missed or misunderstood. Voicemail complaints might be more likely to be overlooked, especially in high-volume settings, unless they are very concise and articulate clear action points.

In both cases, the likelihood of a response and action often depends on the organization's customer service policies and the specific issues being addressed. Shorter, clearer complaints are typically more successful because they allow the service provider to quickly understand the issue and begin formulating a response or solution.

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