Monday, July 25, 2016


If you’re like me and can’t understand why our federal and state governments don’t pass a law making it illegal to sell a car with defective airbags that can explode in your face killing and/or maiming you or a loved one, help us make this petition go viral.  

You see in the news every day that millions more vehicles equipped with Takata airbags are being recalled. Auto manufacturers cannot obtain safe airbags fast enough to fix the over 100 million vehicles that are already on our highways, and are actually knowingly building new cars with the very same unsafe airbags.  
Did you know that federal law makes it illegal for a car dealer or other company to rent you a car with a defective airbag, but the very same car dealer or rental company can legally SELL you the same car without disclosing the fact that it has a dangerous airbag? As you know, Hertz, Avis, Enterprise and most rental companies and car dealers retail their rental cars after they stop renting them. Are they taking the cars out of their rental fleets that are illegal to rent, and selling them to the public instead? 

Anna Werner is a well-known reporter for CBS national news, and she recently conducted several undercover mystery shops of car dealerships. The mystery shopper pretended to be interested in buying a used car that had been predetermined to have an unrepaired dangerous Takata airbag. This was aired a few weeks ago on the CBS news and in no case did the salesman disclose this fact. When I saw this on TV, I mystery shopped TWENTY-FOUR car dealerships in South Florida. In four cases I sent mystery shopper physically into the dealerships and in twenty others my mystery shopper called the dealer on the phone. In 23 out 24 mystery shops the sales people denied the truth that the car had an unsafe airbag. The sales people were asked specifically if there was any unfixed safety recall on the car the mystery shopper was buying. Only one car dealer told the truth…Mullinax Ford in North Palm Beach.  

The manufacturers, car dealers, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) know that only ONE IN FOUR SAFETY RECALLS IS EVER REPAIRED! Tens of millions of used cars are being sold with unfixed dangerous safety recalls. For every new car sold in the US, there are 2.5 used cars sold. Last year there were over 17 million new cars sold but there were over 40 million used cars sold. Three out of four of those used cars with safety recalls have not been repaired. As I write this column, there are hundreds of unsuspecting used car buyers buying a used car with a dangerous safety recall.  

For all of the above reasons I implore you to, not only sign this petition,, but to tell your friends, family, work associates and anybody else who will listen. Please put this on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, YouTube and email it to everyone you know. If you have access to anyone in Florida’s legislature, especially the governor’s office please let your voice be heard.  

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