Monday, October 12, 2020


I’m very excited to announce a major enhancement to our Earl on Cars weekly radio show andwww.EarlOnCars blog. Effective immediately, we’re forming a cadre of volunteers, an army of educated, informed listeners to Earl On Cars radio show and readers of www.EarlOnCars blog to assist car buyers who need help avoiding being taken advantage of (ripped off) by car dealers.

I’ve often said on our radio show that I know, to a great extent, “we’re preaching to the choir” by offering advice to our listeners. Many have been listening to “Earl on Cars” radio and reading blog for years. They often call and text the show with great advice and suggestions. We’re going ask this vast, untapped, new source of wisdom and expertise in car-buying to volunteer to help the less. We’re asking those informed and educated listeners and readers to volunteer to help those “less informed” in car buying skills.

If you consider yourself an educated consumer when it comes to buying a car, and are willing to volunteer your services, please text us at 772 497-6530 or call us any Saturday morning between 8 and 10 at 877 960-9960. We’ll screen those that we don’t know as to their ability to help others in car-buying. You can choose your level of commitment by being accessible via only email, text, phone calls, or in person accompanying those in need to the car dealership.

We’ll post the names and contact information of all qualified volunteers online at, and announce them regularly on our Saturday radio show. Of course, I and all members of our Earl on Cars team will be readily available to our volunteers for advice. Since we’ve expanded our radio snow online to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope and Instagram, we’re reaching all over the United States (and beyond). We’d love to have volunteers from as many locations as possible.

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