Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Nominate Your Favorite Car Dealership: "Best Of" 2021 Awards

What better way to find out the best and safest place to buy or service your next car than to find out what others’ experiences has been? What better way to help others, than by sharing your own experience?

Your nominations for Best Of 2021 will be accepted up until November 11. Just click on this website, You can nominate candidates in these categories: Best Auto Dealer Service Department, Best New Car Dealer, and Best Used Car Dealer. Please be sure to nominate a dealership for each of these.

The most reliable measure of any company are the rankings given it by its customers. This is especially true of car dealerships because no other retail business can match car dealers for deceptive advertising and unfair and deceptive sales practices. If you have experienced a car dealer that you can trust to buy or service a car from, it’s your “civic duty” to share his name with others.

After all the nominations have been made (deadline November 11), voting will begin in December. Be sure that your favorite car dealer is nominated.

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