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Earl On Cars, Weekly Live Talk Radio


Current Advice on Buying, Leasing, & Servicing Your Car

Many readers of my weekly articles appearing on my blog (, Florida Weekly, and Hometown News may not know about my weekly radio show which has been on the air for nearly 20 years.
Earl on Cars airs every Saturday morning from 8-10 EST. You can access this show in South Florida at True Oldies Radio, 95.9 and 105.9 FM (WIRK-HD3). You can stream it directly at You can also stream it at and at; or access Earl on Cars via the app, TuneIn Radio.
Why listen to a live radio show when you have all these other resources of information? The number one reason is that conditions change rapidly with respect to buying, leasing, and maintaining your vehicle. In the past two years (Covid pandemic) these conditions have radically changed, I’ve been a car dealer for over 50 years, and I’ve never seen such change…both for the good and the bad. Listening to Earl on Cars weekly keeps you on top of the car-buying and repairing/servicing market.

Our live-talk radio show thrives on callers’ input…questions, personal anecdotes for their buying and servicing experiences, as well as suggestions and constructive criticisms. There are multiple channels for you to covey your input. Primarily is our telephone 877 959-9960. You can text us at 772 497-6530. Post your input on Facebook and YouTube as indicated in the second paragraph of this article. We even have a unique form of communication to those who prefer to remain ANONYMOUS. Click on this line, Who you are and where you’re located is completely anonymous. We generally can respond to all input during the 2-hour show. If we miss one, we address it in the following week’s show.
The Earl on Cars team consists of me, Earl Stewart, currently a car dealer in North Palm Beach Florida. This radio show, my blog, newspaper columns and my book, Confessions of a Recovering Car Dealer are part of my role as an advocate for you, the consumer. I stress that my radio show is not an “infomercial” attempting to sell you a car. In fact, I currently recommend that you don’t buy a car unless you must because of historically high prices.
Nancy Stewart is my co-host, wife, and co-founder of the show 15 years ago. Nancy’s primary role is to act as an advocate for the women buyers of vehicles and service. Since the inception of the show, Nancy has built the female listening audience from near “zero” to about half. Car selling and buying is evolving (too slowly) from a “good old boys club” to the enlightenment of dealers and manufacturers that women are arguably even more important than the male market. Every week, Nancy pays the first two, new women callers $50 cash…no strings attached. If you’re female and reading this, that’s something to think about.
Rick Kearney is a Certified Diagnostic Master Technician for Toyota and has all the current qualifications from ASE, the national organization, American Service Excellence. He can answer any question about servicing, maintaining, and repairing your vehicle. Contact the show any Saturday morning and get a free diagnosis on a problem you’re experiencing with your vehicle.
Stu Stewart (Earl Stewart III) is my son and the general manager of my Toyota dealership in North Palm Beach, FL. He has real-time, hands-on experience of how cars are being sold and serviced TODAY and every day. Stu directs our weekly MYSTERY SHOPPING REPORT.
The Mystery Shopping Report is the highlight of our show, both from an information and entertainment perspective. Every week we send a person into a different car dealership to pretend to buy, lease, or maintain/repair their car. We name the dealership, the individuals dealt with, and the events exactly as they happen. When we see a violation of the law occur, we say so. When we observe unethical, deceptive advertising and sales practices we say so. When we see honest, ethical practices in place at a dealership we say so. Each week the dealership is given a grade from A to F, and we list the grades on two lists accessible at How do you know that we’re telling the truth and being accurate? The answer is this: In the nearly 20 years we’ve been mystery shopping car dealers, we’ve never been sued. Car dealers know (and their lawyers know) that the perfect defense against Libel and Slander is TRUTH.

Jonathan Kantor is the “behind the scenes guy” whose technical, digital prowess enables Earl on Cars to be heard and seen around the world. He also preserves the best parts of our show, categorized by topic, and makes them available on YouTube, accessible at any time. All the past shows are archived and easily accessible. The camerawork during the show includes aiming the cameras at the right person at the right time and providing all the other visual effects, like the background and video clips.
Tune in some Saturday morning between 8 and 10 eastern time and give us a shout…or just listen for a few minutes. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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