Monday, April 18, 2022


Dear Madam Attorney, General:

I write this open letter to you to call your attention to the recent actions by the Federal Trade Commission against the eight Napleton dealerships in FLORIDA, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. The FTC accused the Napleton auto dealerships of taking $70 million in illegal fees from customers. The FTC in cooperation with state attorney generals, charged Napleton with sneaking illegal junk fees for unwanted “add-ons” onto customers’ bills and for discriminating against Black consumers by charging them more for financing. Of course, Napleton vehemently denied any wrongdoing and settled the FTC suit for $10 Million.

Madam Attorney General, the two Napleton dealerships in Florida, included in the charges and settlement, are Napleton Kia and Napleton Hyundai in Palm Beach County. As you may know, my wife, Nancy, and I host a weekly consumer-advocate 2-hour live talk show. It’s named “Earl Stewart on Cars” and airs on 95.9 FM and 105.9 FM 8-10 AM EST. Each week we “mystery shop” a different car dealership, mostly in Florida. Our last mystery shop was of Napleton Kia on Northlake Blvd. in North Palm Beach. We discovered that he is still, even after being charged by the FTC and settling, sneaking illegal junk fees for unwanted ‘add-ons’, onto customers’ bills, as well as displaying many other unfair and deceptive sales practices.

But my main reason for writing you is to let you know that the Napleton dealerships in Florida are only a few of the hundreds of auto dealerships that are getting away with unfair and deceptive trade practices in their advertising and sales tactics. I suggest you go online and choose a few dealerships at random. Send in your own mystery shoppers and try to buy a car at the advertised price. I’m sure you’re aware of Florida Statute 501.976 which states “The advertised price must include all fees or charges that the customer must pay…”. I believe that you will find very few car dealer ads that comply with this Florida law.

If you’ll click on my blog website., you can read hundreds of mystery shopping reports, most of which reveal unfair or deceptive acts or practices by car dealers.

I invite you to appear as my guest on Earl Stewart on Cars any Saturday morning or call the show (877 960-9960). Please feel free to call me anytime on my personal cell phone, 561 358-1474.

Yours truly,

Earl Stewart
Cell phone 561 358-1474

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