Monday, August 15, 2022

Chat with Earl on Cars In-Person at your Group

If you’re a regular reader of this column or a regular listener to our live radio weekly talk show, we thank you very much. However, we believe that our advice to you “regulars” is like “preaching to the choir”. Nancy, Rick, Stu, and I often comment during the radio show (Earl on Cars; 8-10 am EST Saturdays) that we learn as much from our callers/texters that they learn from us. Our regular listening and reading audience are mostly smart, savvy consumers. In fact, that’s why we formed, a group of educated consumer volunteers to advise those less informed in their communities about how to buy, lease, maintain, and repair their vehicles without being taken advantage of.
This column is just another attempt to reach those who most need our and your help when “dealing with car dealers”. Our followers know that car dealers have been ranked last or next to last since 1977 on the Gallup annual poll on Honesty and Ethics in Professions (Google it for more details).
Before the COVID pandemic, the “Earl on Cars” team was “on the road”. We regularly spoke at public libraries, service clubs like Kiwanis and Rotary, public schools, women’s and men’s clubs, condominium groups, seniors’ associations, and just about any group that needed our help. With the pandemic more under control, we’ve begun venturing out again. Last week we spoke before the Wellington, FL Rotary club and we’ve accepted an invitation to speak at the Computer Club of Valencia Falls in Delray on February 9. I, Nancy Stewart (my wife and co-host of Earl on Cars), and Rick Kearney (Certified Diagnostic Master Auto Technician) comprise our public speaking team.
We would love to hear from your group if you’d enjoy having us as guest speakers. We typically offer advice on how buy or lease a vehicle as well as maintain and repair it without being taken advantage of by a car dealer. There’s no charge, of course. We offer our advice to your group, just as we do in this column and our radio show (we’ve been doing this for about 20 years). In full transparency and disclosure, I’ve owned a Toyota dealership since 1975, but our advice is purely as consumer advocates to help your group. I promise we will, in no way, endeavor to “sell you a car”.
We’re accepting speaking engagements in South Florida for the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023. Naturally, we can’t accommodate every request, so we’ll be more likely to accommodate the earlier requests. Please call 561 612-6606, and give my assistant, Diane Dorsey, the complete information for the speaking engagement. This should include the time and date (if possible, one or more alternatives), name and location of your group, contact information, approximate number of attendees, and any specific auto topics you’d like us to focus on. The time length of our speaking engagements typically vary from 30 minutes for luncheon meetings to an hour.
We hope to meet and talk with you and your group in the near future.

Earl Stewart

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